What brings a mobile home with a guitarist and a bagpipe player? How is it possible that a double bass player unexpectedly approaches a campfire and never leaves? What did a certain violinist return from Spain? 

Paracetamol plays balfolk music with a bittersweet edge. Moving mazurkas, rolling gavottes, driving bourrées but also a rare grabbelton and the first new bravade since 1657.

Echoes of Irish jigs, metal classics, Hungarian folk and jazz loops resound in their dance music from previous musical lives. They travel from dark cafés, along dance floors to festivals such as Castlefest and CaDansa.

Paracetamol is currently working on her debut album full of original compositions. Furthermore, she will be making a concert tour this autumn along characteristic churches in the north of the Netherlands.

Rob Zantkuijl                         Bagpipes, saxophone

Iris Kemper                            Violin

Gyöngyi Kovács                  Double bass, voice

Jan Willem Veenhuis         Guitars, percussion